LostFest 2019


For a vivid array of street performances and delicious food there are few places that capture my heart like Lostwithiel in May.

Lostfest is an event that as a family we only came across in the last 4 years or so. In that time we have seen the increase in the variety of stalls and a well thought out parking system grow along with its popularity. We always try to make it there to taste some of the yummy food and watch the displays, so this year I took one of my cameras with me to snap a few images of our day.

One of the super Paella dishes we bought for lunch.

One of the super Paella dishes we bought for lunch.


A Big Thank you To “Big Pan Parties”

The food was delicious and we bought several bowls for our lunch to share. When we asked for an extra bowl and spoon for my 2 year old they were happy to oblige. They even dished him up his own extra bowl of food at no extra cost, a wonderful act, boy did he gobble it down!

The turnout this year was great and the streets were packed with people. Groups stood watching the dancers and wow those dancers were energetic! At one stage I was separated from the rest of the group as they danced their routes shouting and smashing their wooden sticks with such energy that I decided to opt for self preservation! I waited for the performance to finish or at least pause before darting through the crowd to be reunited with my family but honestly I think I would have stayed a lot longer to watch them if I was by myself.

There were amazing outfits and I particularly liked the almost steampunk themed costumes with feathers and facepaints. If I had a chance to hang about at that stage I would have loved to approach the dancers for some portrait shots once they had finished. Something for next year!

The church grounds was bristling with singers and musicians amongst the gorgeous flowers which we believe to be Azalea’s. After watching the fencing and meeting the birds of prey with the “Bird Lady of Fowey” we decided to let our son play at the park and explore the river side.

We took some time out to watch the musicians on the stage, a different style of music and quite pleasant. Young children started dancing up at the front and it didn’t take long before the adults joined in. There must be a lot of the festival that we have never seen as with a young child we had to head home but I expect that sitting by the river and watching the bands late into the evening must be on our future todo list!

Finally to cool off we picked up an ice-cream and my son enjoyed a ice lolly. It wasn’t long though until we are all in stitches laughing on the bridge and he demonstrates typical 2 year old logic as he hands what’s left of the ice lolly to his mummy….. because he liked drinking the melted orange juice by itself. 90 seconds later we all had sticky Calippo fingers as we took turns helping him, thank heavens for wet wipes in the rucksack!

If you know the people in these images or anyone who would love to go to this event next year feel free to tag them and share!

William Allen