A new member joining your family is one of the most special parts of your life to document. From embracing your baby bump to the moment they are born they start to change so quickly. Before you even realise it you soon forget how they looked until you see a photo. Newborn sessions freeze that moment and immortalise how they looked during their first few weeks.

Actually before you know it their whole first year passes at an incredible rate before your very eyes. After the newborn stage comes tummy time with real smiles, the proud achievement of sitting, the crawling stage…”oh heck where have they gone”… and sometimes even walking! All of a sudden a year has passed and you reach their Cake Smash session where some children dive into their first small taste of sugar!

Each of these sessions can be booked individually but as their first year is so special I also offer this as an annual package where their entire first years key moments are planned, designed and captured at a discount! Best of all I offer families the option to upgrade to the annual package after their newborn session keeping you in control.




This is a special stage of your journey, the miracle of life growing inside of you. Although pregnancy may make you feel uncomfortable at times it will soon become a fond but distant memory.


NEWBORN sessions

In a calm and relaxed studio we spend a few hours getting those precious early photos of your new arrival. Siblings are welcome and together we can create a large gallery of images with multiple props and materials.



CAKESMASH sessions

To mark your little one’s first birthday celebrate their milestone with some crazy cake smash fun! Sessions also include a short portrait session with siblings welcome.




Find out all about the “My First Year” package. Get a years worth of photo sessions at a discounted price!