William Allen

Location: Based in Truro, but I travel all over Cornwall.

Personality: Humorous, professional, organised and relaxed.

My philosophy: Flexible, positive and I listen to what you want.

Backup Equipment: You bet I do! High quality equipment and tons of it.

Trust me I’m a photographer.

I have written this page over and over again trying to find the words to explain how I think, how I feel, how much enjoyment I get from seeing the delighted reactions from people when they see my work. I’m not sure it will ever truly portray this in words yet but I’m giving it a darn good go just for you fantastic people.

So hello, look there I am, that’s me! Ok don’t run away, I’m not that scary honest!  So what can I tell you about myself, how did I end up picking up a camera and finding I had a talent with using cameras to photograph people.

My Journey

Well to start this all came about because of my father was unwell and bed-bound for a very long time. I picked up the camera initially to bring some of the world outside his window into the hospitals. As time grew I developed a keen interest in the technology that I was using and then moved onto the creative aspect. Now I find joy in capturing all subjects from landscapes to animals, but my favourite of all is the portraits and weddings, thus people. Why people you may ask? Well because people are what interest me, you interest me. We all have so many expressions, so many stories to tell. Also a landscape does not gasp or beam when they see their photos and those are the reactions I hear a lot and it makes me very happy.



I Believe

Competitive, affordable and delivering on memories to treasure. I am dedicated to bringing you fantastic quality photos and printing services at low cost.

My style varies on the occasion but typically I use a relaxed, candid approach with a few staged shots. While I am organised and very prepared I like to capture real life moments; the real reactions, expressions, the little but important things that I feel makes my package so special.

I also believe in being flexible and I’m always happy to discuss individual needs and requests.

My methodical approach to preparation for the day means that whether it’s a portrait or a wedding, you as a customer should not need to be nervous or uncomfortable about myself or the camera. Honestly after 10 minutes of me acting like a fool in front of you or the children, you’ll see I’ll do anything to make those special images happen for you.