There is nothing sweeter than lasting photos of your little one. Thank you for this opportunity to meet and snuggle your new baby!

I've compiled a list of tips to help prepare you for the day of the session. Then below is a short questionnaire to allow me to get to know you and most importantly your key focus on what to get out of the session.


1. RELAX! :) Newborns take time and patience. I completely expect to stop for feedings and nappy changes. It is also not uncommon for me and/or my props to get peed/pooped on. It's okay!!! Believe me, I've been doing this long enough to expect it!

2. Try and wear your little one out before the session and give them a feed about 30 minutes before arriving. If your little one doesn't want to cooperate, please do not stress. I want you to enjoy your session and it's not essential to have them sleep all the time.

3. If you would like to focus on images without many clothes on please think about placing your baby in loose fitting clothes or swaddled in sleeping wraps to make undressing easier on arrival.

4. Bring any outfits and toys that you want your baby to be photographed with. While I have a great selection it means a lot to parents and to people who gave ie the toy to see them in your photographs.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please ask! I look so forward to our session together and cannot wait to meet your little one soon!!

Getting To Know You

Which types of images below would you like in your session? (Check all that apply)
Any extra ideas you would like to work into the session. Maybe flowers, colours or items significant to your job to pose with your baby.