Whether you believe that the origins are Gaelic, Pagan or Christian, All Hallows Eve is here an it seems no-one really knows how it got started.

Halloween to most mean pumpkin jack-o'-lanterns, bonfires and sweets. So this year for a laugh we decided to make pumpkin soup with our leftovers and have a little spooky Halloween party in the studio.

Honestly, I never expected a Witch, a Zombie and a "Zom-Bee" to get so into character. I am still having nightmares at being biten and turned so I have no idea how Dan Aykroyd can sleep! Thankfully we had a great firefighter tag a long to keep us grounded with some serious jokes!

Here's a few chilling images of us mucking about!!




My makeup abilities are poor at best even with fake blood! While I see several great ideas online such as the 'Mexican Day of the Dead' look I just cant do it. With a big beard and glasses I end up either skipping past the ones I really like due to my small necessity to see (I cannot wear contacts) or my ability with face-paints to do. After the fun from this year I will ensure that next time I am suitably prepared as it's been such a good laugh dressing up and I am amazed at how the kids of all ages have just gone with the flow.

To add a bit of creative spooky fun to our evening we posed for shots using our imagination, crawling out of mirrors and walking down misty streets!! Whatever you're doing this year be safe and have a wickedly terrifying time!