With my super low cost pricing for sessions there is no way I can afford to buy a £1000+ backdrop from the various prestigious companies that exist to do all the dirty work for you. So January came around and I decided to roll up my sleeves, cover the studio in plastic and prepare to avoiding drowning myself in tins of paint.

I knew it would not be easy, probably not turn out as I would plan and I can confirm that many items of clothing including several pairs of socks were lost in the making of this fun project. But boy was it worth it. After painting over this canvas and adding to it about 5 times I can certainly confirm that it's not only a learning curve but extremely time consuming. Thank heavens for music collections and audio books! 

For giggles here are some of the stages of the painting process using at least 6 tins of paint.

The Results

I have to say I am just loving the look, (but I am biased so I want to know what you think). The test I did with my son Logan has confirmed that the decrease in yellow has really softened the texture and colours into the style that I wanted and with a little clean up on the computer the backdrop works so well I definitely want to make more.

At 12 foot by 9 foot the canvas is large enough to allow me to create some really special amazing family images to hang on the wall. I am already in the process of restoring and up-cycling some perfect furniture to go with this style for use with the sessions.

Here are some examples with my son even though he was not feeling well after his 1st year injections.


If you are interested in booking your children or family session for just £20 or want to find out more then please feel free to get in touch. I would love to hear from you, am open 7 days a week and after a chat I can start designing a session tailored just for you and your family.