We have had a Baby!


I have always tried to write a blog to ramble on about my endeavours and I usually fail despite my own personal expectations. This time I find myself with too much to cover! Do you ever feel like there is so much to do or say you just don't know where to begin. This is how most of my weeks seem to start and usually I am more organised than Mr Spock.


To explain a bit, in January my wife gave birth to our first child an exciting and utterly traumatic experience for us both. This created a surge in my domestic training, also equally traumatic in my opinion, after all why should a washing machine have 16 programmes when you only ever use 2?!!

This was a time of early mornings, late evenings and sleepless nights but we got through the difficult stage by working together as a team. Despite all the disruption to our routine, especially working from a home studio, I still continued to push on bookings and projects. But something had to give and so I let the posting on my business page slide. 

Fingers Crossed

My son is now 12 weeks old and I find myself starting to catch up, looking back at all the things I am and have been involved in. Most of these projects and sessions I haven't told anyone about and really should share. So my aim, (while sitting by the burning firepit) is to start my ramble/blogging from me to you. I will of course be keeping my fingers crossed that it's well received and something of interest. So give me a thumbs up to tell me what you like.

Our son at just over 2 weeks old.

Our son at just over 2 weeks old.

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